FW16 . Moodboard & Release



In this work, Anne est Folle crosses different universes, bringing together architectural inspired drawings, art and design. Maximalist and urban, this collection calls the rhythm and the accelerated pulsation of the megalopolis. The lines and drawings of Le Corbusier e Luis Barragán, the paintings of Paul Davies, David Hockney, Nathalie Du Pasquier and the Bauhaus, were all an inspiration for it. The ambiance is inspired by Yolandi Visser, a contemporary icon, and member of Die Antwoord hip-hip group. The funk carioca spirit surrounds the show, with the music by the Brazilian Leo Justi.

Anne est Folle_FW16 Moodboard_01_Yolandi Visser_Luis Barragan_Le Corbusier_Oscar Niemeyer

Anne est Folle_FW16 Moodboard_02_David Hockney_Paul Davis_Luis Barragan

Anne est Folle_FW16 Moodboard_03_Paul Davis

The accessories, boots and bijoux, were created and fabricated by our team. The ensembles and the fluid dresses were made from exclusive printed noble fabrics as silk satins, crepes and organzas. The collection brings also asymmetric silk hand made tricots with graphic bold prints.

Anne est Folle_FW16 Moodboard_04_Modern Architecture_Luis Barragan_Le Corbusier_Colors

Anne est Folle_FW16 Moodboard_05_Modern Architecture_Conteporary Art_Nathalie Du Pasquier_Memphis_Colors

Anne est Folle_FW16 Moodboard_06_Le Corbusier_Yolandi Visser_Paintings_Colors

For the styling, we thought of printed cuissardes mixed with mini printed dresses, sometimes overlaid by transparent organza skirts or pantalonas. The printed low boots are explored with asymmetric dresses and skirts all overlaid in a mind blowing graphic profusion. The bijoux come with unexpected materials such as ropes, tricots, rubber and metal.

Anne est Folle_FW16 Moodboard_07_Conteporary Art_Sculpture_Nathalie Du Pasquier_Memphis_Le corbusier_Colors

Anne est Folle_FW16 Moodboard_08_Yolandi Visser

The embroidered silk organzas and the graphic bold prints get richer contrasted with volants and bandeaux, playing with volumes that grows with the asymmetric form of the skirts.